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The application should be submitted through the D.E.O. concerned
A plan of the building of the school applying for creation of the centre should be sent alongwith this application, the portion of the building intended to be the centre of examination should be marked with red pencil. The measurements of each rooms/hall etc. should be also indicated in the plan. It should also be indicated whether the hall and rooms are interconnected or not.
  The new centre will be created on priority basis in the following manner :-
  The centre will not be created in temporary recognised schools at any place.

  The centre will not be created in any private schools in rurals areas.
  A place situated out of the way, where smooth reach and effective supervisory control is not possible, will not be considered for creation of a centre.
  No application for creation of centre of examination will be considered unless the minimum number of candidate likely to appear in that centre is as stated below :-
Secondary Examination 200

Senior Secondary

* If the required no. of candidates at the centre falls short then Rs. 100/- per candidates will be charged extra.
  The head of the institution desirous of a centre being created at his/her school must apply on the prescribed form alongwith a sketch of the school building so as to reach the Board’s office by the 30th June of the year preceding the examination
  The written consent of the Head’s of other schools opting for centre applied for must accompany the application.
The option of school/s to send their candidates to new centre does not adversely affect an already existing centre.
The school applying for creation of the centre shall pay the following fees alongwith the application for Secondary/Senior Secondary as under :-
(a) Inspection fee (Not refundable) 1000
(b) Centre creation/retention fee (to be refundable if centre is not created) 5000
In case a Secondary examination centre already exists and the school further requests for creation of a centre for the Senior Secondary Examination too, the school have to pay Rs. 6000/- as additional fee.
Centre creation fee Rs. 6000/- will also be applicable when a centre for Senior Secondary examination already exists and the school wants to get a centre for Secondary.
In case application for creation of centre is sent for all two examinations collectively Rs. 6000/- may be remitted, if separately for each examination in that case also Rs. 6000/- shall have to be remitted per examination.
The schools where the centres are newly created shall have to provide the following arrangements at their own cost :-
(a) To construct a boundary wall 5 ft. high all around the school building.
(b) To provide all the rooms interconnected for examination purpose.
(c) To provide two urinals for use of the candidates close the examination rooms for the boys and girls separately.
(d) To provide furniture for all the candidates appearing at the centre.
(e) To provide Kanats and shamianas if so required for smooth running of the centre.
The Board reserves the right to abolish the centre after it has been created if it is found that the conditions laid down have not been fulfilled or the centre is not working to the satisfaction of the Board.
If a centre is cancelled due to inside/outside interference of any other reason related to mass copying, the centre at that building will not be created for three years. The centre can be revived with the permission of the Chairman after obtaining an Affidavit and re-centre creation fee of Rs. 5000/- an Rs. 100/- per candidate at a maximum of Rs. 20,000/- as a security money in the shape of FDR to be deposited in the office. In case, the centre functions peacefully & smoothly without any disturbance the security amount will be refunded, as the case may be, if the centre is again cancelled due to inside/outside interference or any other reason then security amount deposited with the Board will be forfeited.
Centre will be created in rural areas in Govt./Aided schools only.
No fee will be charged where a centre is created on administrative grounds.
If one old centre is already existing and in the lack of prescribed number of students the centre is cancelled and the school/institution concerned is willing for the creation of the centre again if the prescribed fee and proforma is deposited already in Board’s office before 30th June of the year preceding the examination to continue the centre again. For the old centre the strength of students should be 200, 150  Secondary and Senior Secondary Academic respectively.
New centre will not be created on Approach Road Villages.
(i) O.T./Shastri/JBT/Art & Craft Teacher 2 to 8 Yrs.
(ii) PTI Teachers 3 Yrs.
Lecturers/DPE/Instructors 1 to 5 Yrs.
Note :- The Centre Supdts. can make the substitute/additional appointments of invigilators in emergent situations in consultation with Supdt. in Chief/DEO as per norms above.
The accident occurs on way to joining duty on first day before commencement of Exam. or after two days after termination of examination.
In case the accident occurs within a radius of eight Kms. from the place of the duty during the stay of the official at the place of duty.
In case that official obtained permission from the Centre Supdt. for any official duty of the Board, the condition of 8 Kms restriction will not be applicable.
In case of death of an official on Exam duty, Rs. 1,50,000/- is the amount of the claim and the policy covers the same amount in case of complete damage of body parts such as two eyes, two hands or two legs or two other organs such as one hand and one leg or one leg & one eye etc.
In case of complete loss of one organ, such as one hand, one leg, one eye etc. the amount of insurance is 50% of the policy.
Note :- The documentary proof such as appointment letter, copy of FIR pertaining to accident, Death certificate & Postmortem report if applicable, certificate from CMO are necessary to be submitted for the purpose of insurance claim.
Information is provided and Updated by: Board Of School Education, Haryana